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The Benefits Of Sensor Lights At Your Home

Sensor lights are a common solution when it comes to modern home security and lighting. By using effective technology but still very simple, the lights can be programmed to turn on automatically once motion is detected by the sensor. While many people view these lights as a great convenience, others may find annoying.
To help you decide if this type of solution is right for your home.

Pro: Enhanced Security

When it comes to protecting your property, security is of paramount importance. San Francisco Door and Lock fully understand the value of installing sensors around your home, especially outdoors in gardens and other areas that could be more vulnerable to intruders or wild animals. Having the added peace of mind that any movement around these areas will immediately trigger bright lights gives homeowners an extra level of security at night.

Con: Lack Of Control

Although there can be benefits from having pre-programmed sensor lights in certain areas, this lack of flexibility may lead to some frustration for those who don’t need them all the time. Examples include times late at night where homeowners don’t want to disturb neighbours or family members with unnecessary bright light in specific rooms.

Pro: Convenience

Putting in place a program for your sensor lights means you no longer have to worry about activating switches each day or coming up with a sequence plan, they can be programmed only once and essentially forgotten about until needed again. This is much more convenient than traditional lighting systems that require manually switching on and off – particularly helpful for busy households with tight schedules!

Con: Short Lifespan Of Bulbs

A drawback to having so many light activations is that it puts additional strain on bulbs which will need replacing more frequently than regular non-sensor options. This both adds extra cost and requires homeowners to take out maintenance duties more often than would usually be expected from regular bulbs.

Pro: Energy Conservation

In today’s world where energy consumption needs to be monitored closely due to environmental concerns as well as soaring electricity bills, sensor lights offer an ideal way of minimizing power usage when rooms are empty or no longer occupied. This provides homeowners with an eco-friendly solution which also helps them save money over time!

Pro: Linked To Other Security Features

Sensor lights are also an excellent addition to automated security plans like professionally installed locks, floor safes and access control systems. In conjunction with camera surveillance systems etc., they add another layer of protection for homes which ultimately increases overall security measures available within the property boundaries.

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