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6 Types Of Locks A Locksmith Won’t Open

Locksmiths are skilled professionals who can open a wide variety of locks for both residential and commercial purposes. However, there are some types of locks that they may not be able to open due to the difficulty or complexity of the system. Here is an overview of six such locks that your local locksmith may not be able to open:


Safe cracking is a specialized field requiring specific tools and knowledge. Not all locksmiths will be able to open a safe, so be sure to confirm this with your local locksmith before they are dispatched to your home. If they cannot open it, then they may refer you to another party who can.


Much like safes, vaults require specialized tools and expertise in order to be opened. Many banks operating vaults will only trust certain technicians with their vault opening needs, making it difficult for a general locksmith service provider.

Smart Locks

Smart lock systems vary from brand to brand, so not all locksmiths will be able to open all types. Some require advanced IT knowledge on top of traditional lock picking skills in order for them to successfully unlock the system. If you’re having difficulty with a malfunctioning smart lock, be sure to ask if your local locksmith can provide service for it before proceeding further.

Rare or Complicated Locks

There are some rare or particularly complicated locks that even experienced professionals may not be able to open without damaging the locking mechanism itself – such as vintage or high-level security systems. A good locksmith should still discuss options with you regarding access despite being unable to open the lock itself.

Thumbprint or Visual Recognition Locks

Much like smart lock systems, thumbprint or visual recognition systems require someone familiar with both IT and cyber security in order for them to effectively unlock them without compromise or damage. These services typically come with additional costs due the specialized nature of these experts in addition to general labor fees charged by the technician themselves.

Unpickable Locks

As promised by manufacturers, some locking mechanisms are advertised as being unpickable; meaning that traditional methods such as picking and decoding may not work on these models since they feature new technologies designed specifically against tampering attempts from outsiders. In cases such as these where traditional opening techniques do not work, then often times the only option left is replacement of the entire unit rather than risking damage from attempting force entry methods – which again incur extra fees due the added labor involved in this type of task.

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