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6 Types Of Locks A Locksmith Won’t Open

Locksmiths are trained professionals who can open a wide range of locks for residential and commercial purposes but there are some locks that even a professional locksmith wont be able to open because of the difficulty system.

Here are 6 locks that a locksmith may not be able to open without destroying the locks:

Safe Lock

Safe cracking is a special field that requires specific tools and great knowledge. Many locksmiths are not qualified and won’t be able to open a safe, so be sure to confirm this with your local locksmith in advanced.


Much like safes vaults require special tools and expertise to be opened and usually a bank which operate vaults hastrust certain technicians that work with.

Smart Locks

Smart lock are quite different from traditional locks and not all locksmiths will be able to open them as it require advanced IT knowledge on top of traditional lock picking skills. 

Fingerprint or Face Recognition Locks

Much like smart locks fingerprint or face recognition locks require a locksmith with IT knowledge and cyber security backround in order to effectively unlock these locks without compromise or damage them.

Unpickable Locks

Some lock manufacturers say they’ve created locks that can’t be picked which means that the traditional methods to open them without a key just won’t work. 

These special locks use new technology to stop anyone from tampering with them and if you lost the key you will have to replace it.

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