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Common Types Of Exterior Locks

When it comes to securing the exterior of your property, there are several types of locks that can help you feel safer and more secure. From a cylinder or double cylinder locks to deadbolts, smart locks, mortise locks, and electromagnetic commercial locks – each lock type is designed for a specific purpose and has its own unique level of security. In this blog post, San Francisco Door & Lock will dive into the details of these common types of exterior door locks, and try to shed light on how to choose the best locks suited for your property’s needs.

Cylinder and Double Cylinder Locks

Cylinder and double cylinder locks are often used in combination with knobs or levers. These types of locks can be locked from the inside using a button while unlocking with a key from the outside. Double cylinder locks require keys to open from either side of the door, protecting against common entry methods such as breaking adjacent windows and unlocking from the inside. However, due to fire risk factors, it is important to keep these types of door lock unlocked when people are inside the house or building.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are the most popular residential and commercial option. These locks are operated by a thumb turn button on the inside while unlocking by key on the outside. 

Deadbolts offer various grades of security ranging from Grade 1 up to Grade 3 – with Grade 1 deadbolts offering maximum protection against any forced entry attempts.

Smart Locks

Smart locks provide business owners and homeowners with an extra layer of security without relying on physical keys for access control. Smart lock technology usually uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection via smartphone app for locking/unlocking doors remotely or granting temporary access remotely whenever needed (e.g., visitors or delivery people). A great advantage that comes with smart lock systems is their full integration with home automation systems – allowing users to control other aspects such as lighting, thermostat etc., directly from their phone device too!

Commercial Exterior Door Locks

Mortise Locks

Mortise door locks fit right into pocket sized openings located within doors themselves and come in two parts – a doorknob plus a deadbolt. This type of lock is well-suited for commercial exterior use due to its strong mounting springs as well as faceplate protection features that further add up to its reliability in terms of security functions.

Electromagnetic Commercial Locks

Electromagnetic commercial door locks take things up another notch when it comes down to providing top-level security solutions for both glass doors as well as automatic doors (including emergency exits). The installation process involves magnets along an armature plate that has an electrical current running through it; making them suitable choices for high-security areas requiring access control software systems too!

Electric Strike Locks

Electric strike locks combine mechanical locking mechanisms with electronic power supply – eliminating the need for manual handling (via keys) or turning handles when it comes down to unlocking them securely! They can further be configured in fail-safe/fail-secure modes according to specific security requirements including access control criteria such as keypad entries, access cards or even key fobs!

Interchangeable Core Cylinders

Interchangeable core cylinders act like regular cylinders but allow easy rekeying without taking apart any part of it’s body components; essentially allowing users upgrade their security levels whenever needed just by replacing cores through its control key system! It is also worth mentioning that these kinds of locks are often used in large institutions such as hospitals and universities.

So there you have it – a comprehensive overview about most common types of exterior door locks!

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