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Rekeying vs. Changing Locks: Which One Is Better?

When it comes to ensure the security of your home or business the locks on your doors play the most important role. There is a time in life when you may need to think about how secure are and when to replace them like after moving into a new place, losing your keys or experiencing a break-in. 

This is exactly the time you have to choose between lock rekey or changing locks. Both options have their advantages and each one fits a different situation.

What is Lock Rekey?

Lock rekey is a process where a locksmith changes the internal parts inside of an existing lock so it can be operated by a new key, during this process a locksmith replace the pins inside the lock so that the old key will not work anymore.

What is Lock Changing?

Changing locks involves removing the entire lock and installing a new one instead.

Advantages of Rekeying


Rekeying is usually cheaper than replacing the entire lock because you pay only for labor as it not requires new hardware.


If you want to use the same key on several doors lock rekey can allow you to do it easily.

Quick Process

Rekey can be done relatively quickly by a professional locksmith and take less time than lock change.

Advantages of Changing Locks

Upgrading Security

If your current locks are damaged or old changing the locks can help you to upgrade the security level of your property.


When you change locks you have the option to choose new designs and update the aesthetic of your entrance

Addressing Problems

Over time locks have some issues and become less effective and changing locks you can make sure that all components of the lock are new and in top working condition.

Which Option is Better?

There is no better option becuase both options are good  and it depends on your specific circumstances:

Choose Rekeying if:

  • You’re satisfied with the current quality and style of your locks.
  • You’ve recently moved into a new home and want to ensure no old keys can access the property.
  • You want a more affordable solution.

Choose Changing Locks if:

  • Your locks are old, damaged or of low quality.
  • You want to upgrade to higher security locks or smart locks.
  • You desire a different style for your locks.

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