Lock Rekeying

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Lock Rekey - Keeps Fear Out Of Your Heart!​

When it comes to protect your business or home, San Francisco Door and Lock is there to help all Bay Area residents. Our lock rekey service offers a cost-effective, ‘at your location’ solution that will ensure your property safe and secure.

Take the example of one of our satisfied customers, Mrs. Thompson. She recently moved into a new house in San Francisco and wanted to make sure that her security was sufficient. After a quick chat with our customer service team, she managed to schedule an appointment with Sammy, one of our experienced locksmiths.

When Sammy arrived at Mrs. Thompson’s residence, he listened carefully to her concerns about security and promised her that a lock rekey would be a great option to improve her confidence that she can feel safe and secure at her new premises. Rekeying locks involves replacing the internal pins within a lock so that it can be operated with a new set of keys, leaving any existing ones obsolete. What means that only the new keys will work, providing an extra layer of protection for Mrs. Thompson’s home.

Sammy worked promptly on rekeying all of Mrs. Thompson’s locks, taking the time also to explain each step as he went along. When the job was done, Mrs. Thompson was left feeling relieved knowing that her home was now guarded by a completely new set of keys.

In addition to lock rekeying services, We also provide lock installation – so you can find the perfect locks for your needs and have them installed properly, master key systems which offer convenient yet controlled access for businesses or properties with multiple entry points; key extraction if you have accidentally broken a key inside your lock or gotten one stuck in your car ignition, and security consultation to improve your property security level by having our skilled technicians evaluate your property’s security and provide graet solutions from high-security locks to alarm systems that meet your exact requirements.

At San Francisco Door and Lock we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else while maintaining excellence in everything we do – from friendly customer service teams to certified technicians who are licensed and insured – thus ensuring reliable assistance every time you require it for your home or business security needs. Contact us today.

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