Ignition Repair/Replacement

Smooth Starts Guaranteed!

Keeping Your Vehicle Moving Smoothly

The ignition of your vehicle is essential for starting the engine and powering your daily journeys. However, sometimes issues can arise in the ignition that require attention to ensure smooth operation. San Francisco Door & Lock is here to provide reliable solutions for repair or replacement of faulty ignitions.

Worn Out Ignition Cylinder

The internal components of the ignition cylinder can become worn out through continuous use, making it difficult to turn the key or fit snugly into the slot and causing a malfunctioning ignition.

Damaged or Bent Key

Keys can get dropped or mishandled, leading to bends or other damages that prevent easy insertion into or turning in the ignition.

Ignition Switch Malfunction

The ignition switch controls electrical power to accessories and starting up the engine, but if it fails or malfunctions, this can prevent the ignition from engaging and leave you stuck

Stephen was counting his vehicle for getting hhim around town until one day he encountered an issue with his car’s ignition switch. Upon inserting his key, Stephen found it was hard and almost impossible to to turn it. Knowing something was wrong, he contacted San Francisco Door & Lock for help and was promised an experienced locksmith technician would be sent promptly. Sure enough Kyle arrived at Stephen’s residence shortly after and determined that an ignition repair or replacement was needed, as wear-and-tear had caused internal components of the cylinder to become worn out beyond simple repair. Kyle replaced Stephen’s old ignition with a brand new one so that he could enjoy smooth start-ups again each time he used his car.

Reliable Ignition Repair/Replacement Services Available Now

If you’re having issues with your vehicles’ ignitions and need assistance with repair or replacement, look no further than San Francisco Door & Lock. Our knowledgeable technicians will come equipped with all necessary tools answer any questions you have about repair solutions so your vehicle will keep moving smoothly. Contact us today so we can take care of all your automotive locksmith needs!

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